Top Reasons to Consider a Roof Replacement

We all know that roofing problems can lead to leaks. What some of us don’t know is that water is the leading cause of structural issues. A solid roof is, therefore, critical to the structural success of every building. So if you want to keep your home warm, cozy, and leak-free, you need to ensure you have a functional and reliable roof. To help you achieve this, here are reasons to consider a roof replacement.

The entire roof is sagging

Considering the implications, this is one of the roofing problems that should cause panic. A sagging roof will often mean you have a structural issue. If the problem is not related to the decking in your attic, then there’s probably something wrong with the supports in the foundation, which is even worse. Although it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in imminent danger, taking care of this kind of problem while it is still small and localized is a lot easier, cheaper, and less time-consuming than trying to do so when it has progressed. If you do nothing about the issue, it might soon escalate into a full-blown problem.

Repairing storm damage

There are many ways in which storms can cause extensive damage to your roof. While high winds can blow shingles off your roof, hailstones can dent metal roofs. Indirect damage is also common. Entire trees or tree branches can come down on the roof during a storm, causing extensive damage. In the case of storm damage, replacing the roof is often smarter than making spot repairs.

Going green

Thanks to technological advancements, a variety of new eco-friendly roofing materials are now available. So if your roofing is more than 40 years old and not environmentally friendly, you have more than enough reason to consider a roof replacement.

Curb appeal

Even if the existing roof is not worn or damaged, considering a new roof makes sense if you want to improve your home’s feel and look. In fact, you can make an old home look brand new by installing a new, stylish and modern roof.

 Adding value to your home

Installing a new roof is bound to add value to your home, particularly since it increases both functionality and curb appeal. New roofing helps to make your property more competitive when put on the market. It can give your prospective home buyer a great deal of financial security since he/she is not going to worry about common roofing issues or replacement for a long time.

Completing a major remodel

Major remodeling projects such as building an addition or adding skylights will usually involve changes to the roofline and new roofing. Instead of ending up with an unattractive mix of old and new roofing, having the entire roof replaced might be a good idea. You can add the replacement to your remodeling project.

Enhancing energy efficiency

You can take advantage of new roofing techniques and materials to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Thanks to innovations such as the use of heat reflecting materials, you can install a roofing system that minimizes midday heat gain and enhances insulation, both of which can help reduce your energy consumption. Additionally, new roofing materials offer increased durability and longer life spans.

Your roof can last for around 20 years. Even so, you may have to replace your roof earlier than expected since it will take a beating over time. However, common issues are not the only reasons for replacement. We understand that roof replacement is a significant investment. As a result, we not only provide high-quality roofing systems and services but also guarantee professionalism from inspection to installation and cleanup.

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