How to Select the Right Paint Color

Painting is a great way to update your home and give it a new and fresh look.  One of the hardest parts of an interior painting project however is selecting the right paint color that you would like for your home.

Green E Built Inc. can assist you in selecting the right paint color for your home, however we also have some tips for you to consider in making your paint selection.

Keep your décor in mind when selecting paint colors

One thing that you must keep in mind when selecting the proper paint colors for your home is the current colors of your décor and furniture.  We have seen several people select paint colors and then discover that they just don’t go with the current décor or furniture – this is no big deal if you are also getting new furniture, but in most cases that wasn’t in the plan.  Take the time to make sure the colors you are selecting for your home painting project look good with the furniture you have or are planning to have in the room.

Seek Out Inspiration

There are several great resources for inspiration when you are selecting paint colors for your home.  You can consult the numerous Home Decorating magazines available today.  You can also consult Pinterest, which is a great resource for finding inspiration for painting projects for your home.  We have a couple of Pinterest boards regarding painting that you can reference as well: Residential Painting Ideas and Residential Painting.  We also have some other great boards including a Home Décor Ideas Board that has some great inspiration.

Consider Neutrals

Using Neutral paint colors is a great idea when you are painting your home.  Selecting Neutral colors gives you a lot more freedom around your furniture and other home décor.  If you do select neutral colors you are able to change the look of your home from time to time with new accent items or other home décor items without repainting again so soon.  Neutral Paint Colors also typically do much better if you are planning on selling your home.

Consider Flow

Years ago it was very common to paint almost every room of the home a different color.  This was a great idea and allowed for several different looks in the home, however it did make the home look a bit unorganized and did not create a great flow throughout the home.  The trend now is to select either the same, similar or complementing colors when painting your home so that the home and all of the rooms flow together and look like they go together and belong to the same home.

3 Color Max

Using multiple colors for a room can look wonderful.  This is typically done with using a base color, accent color and a trim color.  We highly suggest sticking with 3 colors maximum when you do go with multiple colors.  More than 3 colors can be too busy and make the room look overwhelming and often confusing.  We suggest selecting 3 colors and stick with 3 colors that go together and complement each other.

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